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Our history
Nestled in the St. John Valley of Northern Aroostook County, Maine, extending to Fairfield County, Connecticut and beyond, Birch and Pines was launched in 2009 to meet the needs of the discriminating, eco-conscious, "green" consumer.  As a family owned business, sitting amongst the paper birch and white pine forests of the northeast United States, we pride ourselves in providing quality products and services that reflect today's market utilizing the most natural, organic ingredients or processes that have the least impact on our earthly environment.

What's in a name?  Why Birch and Pines?  Because of their natural and renewable properties, birch trees have been used by Native American cultures for decades.  Birch, particularly white or paper birch has been traditionally used for canoe construction, wigwam coverings and bark containers to store, cook and consume food.  The properties of the pine tree include use of the whole tree for medicinal as well as commercial use.  Considered semi-renewable, the pine can be regenerated in a matter of 10 years, whereas other natural resources can take upward to 10 million years to renew.  Prolific throughout New England, birch and pine reflect the natural beauty of the environment and provide us with properties that serve us in our daily lives.    

So whether you are seeking optimal health, true beauty, or essential home products that are beneficial both to you or your family, take a keen interest in the environment, or are looking for other quality products and services, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what we can offer you.

Eileen and Brian.

Quality does make a difference!